Happy Heart Day

Today is Valentine’s Day.  My spouse and I had our first date on Valentine’s Day four years ago.  While we tell everyone this story, I’ve never written it down.  So a new year, a new blog, and another Valentine’s day.  Here goes.

We met on February 7 of all places at the YMCA, in the lockerroom.  I know, I know, it’s the worst gay stereotype, ever. But that’s how it happened. We were pretty much living the stereotype that day as we both were cruising towards a quick encounter or possibly a one-nighter.  But as we continued talking past the exchanging numbers bit, we realized there might be more to explore in one another.

We walked out together and as we walked through the corridor towards the exit he turned to me and said, “I don’t think I can have sex with you.  I think I might like you.”  I told him that was incredibly sweet and asked what alternative he might like.  Things never go this way. We decided to have a date; a real date.  We planned it for a week later.

Of course neither of us realized at the time that one week from the 7th was Valentine’s Day.   I think we were both pretty giddy. We exchanged e-mails daily and talked on the phone.  I think he might have even have stopped by to say hi where I work as he walked by on his way to where he parked.  The e-mails we exchanged that week are some of the nicest I’ve ever received from anyone.

Four days of that week passed before I realize that our date was going to be on Valentine’s Day.  It seems silly looking back that it made me extra nervous about our date.  But it did. We discussed keeping the date simple.  He would make dinner at his place and I would bring a movie.  He teased me that I had to pass muster with his housemate’s dog, Chiquita. We hadn’t discussed what to do about the arrival of Cupid.

I decided not to scare him by brining roses or chocolates, but simply bought a bunch of flowers and a vase to adorn the dinner table.  We finally e-mailed about Heart Day a little and he told me if I was good Chiquita approved, he would let me be his Valentine.

Well, needless to say, it was a lovely dinner.  He made Chicken Provencal with vegetables and couscous, and a lovely salad.  We had strawberries for dessert with Nutella and watched the movie, Vertical Ray of the Sun.  We decided to continue dating and that we would keep our hands off one another for at least three weeks.  So much for the stereotypes, eh?

The rest is, as they say, history. It’s been four years and we’ve had lots of adventures including an amazing wedding over two years ago from the http://www.stlouisfriends.org  and then another simpler wedding a year later, but in Canada where it is bona fide legal on paper.  But, alas I’m meandering….back to V-Day.

Unfortunately, this year, he’s been working a night shift and so we won’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been hiding those little chalky candy hearts with the little sayings printed on them so he finds them when he gets home or goes off to work.  Some around the house, a few in his car. I made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants and bought him a little card and put the last candy heart into it.  As I told him in the card, I hope the little trail of hearts leads to as much joy and happiness the next four years as it has in the previous four.

If you ever read this crazy stuff sweetheart, I mean it.  🙂 

So, tonight, I arrived home and on the piano is a vase we received as a wedding present that’s never been filled with flowers.  In fact, we were just talking about it a couple of days ago.  Well, tonight was his turn.  After surprising me with flowers at work a few days ago, once again a vase, the wedding present vase, has surprisingly appeared filled with flowers; this time on top of our piano. The vase has a dozen pink roses and is holding down a little pink envelope and card just for me.  Isn’t love sweet?

Hope your heart day is as happy as mine….

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