100% Organic Free Range Geek

Caution: Rational Free Thinking Ahead

“Why GEEK WORLD LIVING?”, you ask. Well, it is my world. It’s the place where intelligence, passion and creativity meet.  Geekiness was once considered a liability, but as of late it seems,  Geek=Chic. So go Geek!

The word ‘geek’ means different things in different circles, of course.  For me, geeks value process as much as product and bring intense focus and devotion to their interests. And while geekiness often involves interests in technology, it’s bigger than that.

The geek life is a way of being that pervades one’s whole life; computers, cooking, eating, gardening, raising pets, nature, photography, and astronomy are examples of my interests approached with a mindset that focuses on exploration. The destination matters too, of course, but only alongside a meaningful attention to the journey. This site chronicles my adventure in this world, geekified or not.  Say hi if you feel like. Enjoy… -mark