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SNVoice Single Chip Analog DIY Synth

I’ve been wanting to build a stand-alone analog synthesizer using the TI SN76477 integrated circuit since I was fourteen years old. Back in 1978 that’s when Texas Instruments released the “complex sound generator” that was used in the Space Invaders

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One of the first publications for the ZX80 was a newsletter called SYNTAX ZX80 published by Kirtland H. Olson of the Harvard Group. When I got my ZX80 there was a flyer about the publication packaged with the computer. But

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CentOS Minimal Installation Configuration

Using the minimal install option for a CentOS or other Redhat derived distro can leave a lot to be desired. It really is a minimal installation. That’s actually why I prefer it for production server builds. The end product only

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Resolving mail issues with web applications

I was asked to put a server together to host a library application called Guide on the Side.  All it requires is a basic LAMP stack platform.  The application was written with the CakePHP framework (kind of like Rails for

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Edit File Upload Size for PHP Applications

I’ve been asked this question a number of times for a variety of PHP-based applications including Moodle, WordPress and Omeka and so it’s worth documenting here. The installation of PHP is what is controlling the maximum size of your file

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Dangers of Yosemite

I’ve actually never been to the park, but I’ve certainly seen its wonders in photographs.  It’s clear from Ansel Adams’ famous photographs that amidst all the wonders are unexpected dangers.  Taking a misstep off a cliff felt palpable when I saw

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You’ll Get Forked if You Try This

I was having a discussion about code obscurity relative to different programming languages and had to mention this particular piece of malicious code from the unix shell. WARNING! – DO NOT RUN THIS COMMAND – YOU WILL LIKELY BRING DOWN

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Auto Register Linux Client in AD (DNS)

Occasionally, I’ll build a prototype server just to kick the tires of some new system or application.  When I do that, I know that it’s a temporary set up and don’t want to spend time setting up a static IP

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My FAQ for routine MySQL admin tasks: Set the root password: $ mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD Change the root password: $ mysqladmin -u root -p ‘oldpassword’ password ‘newpassword’ Recover a lost or forgotton MySQL root password: 1. Stop the

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Sinclair ZX80

I ran into a folder tucked away in a box that’s moved with me from place to place over the years without having been opened more than a couple of times. I’ve been on a mission to scan all kinds

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