Dangers of Yosemite

I’ve actually never been to the park, but I’ve certainly seen its wonders in photographs.  It’s clear from Ansel Adams’ famous photographs that amidst all the wonders are unexpected dangers.  Taking a misstep off a cliff felt palpable when I saw the resulting screen from my Mac OSX upgrade to Yosemite end with a blank grey screen showing a circle with a slash through it.

The installation was going swimmingly well and then ended with a grey screen showing a “no”  symbol (for lack of a better descriptor)  happily displayed in the middle with no text, errors, or other messages.  So I turned to the Google for help.  It became clear pretty fast that I’m not alone in this.  This seems to be a thing.  So here’s the fix I used:

Reboot your computer and hold down command + R as the system boots up.  It’ll display a status bar and eventually boot into a graphical screen that will allow you to run disk utility.

Run disk utility and select the Mac Harddrive [not the OS partition] and run the Repair Disk Permissions feature and then restart the computer.  It will display the various permissions it is fixing and once it’s finished you can restart and it should boot into Yosemite.

Here it is step by step [make sure computer is off]:

  1. Turn on Mac
  2. Hold command + R as the system boots up
  3. Once in recovery mode select a Computer Harddrive [not the OS partition]
  4. Run Repair Disk Permissions
  5. Reboot

Drop me a note if you have a different experience or a better way to fix this.  Good luck!

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